Diary - Ray's 1984 Jeep Cherokee, 4 Cyl. (2.0L)

Purchased in October 1983 at Penna Jeep/AMC in Oxford, PA. ($13,000)
Current Mileage: 74,000 miles
Single Owner
Color: Red (had dealer paint the bottom quarter panel black to add some
            lacking character and definition.)
Trans: 4-speed stick, 4 WD (On-demand)
Seats: White vinyl, two front buckets, three passenger rear bench seat (removable/collapsable)
Options: PS, PB, tinted glass, Air Conditioning, 20 gal fuel tank, AM radio, towing package.

The 1984 Jeep Cherokee was the first Unibody Jeep introduced by American Motors Corporation. This AMC Jeep was the first small-frame compact 4-door sport utility ever produced since the Army Jeep and Jeep Wrangler.
Economical, responsive, gutsy, comfortable, versatile, functional, peppy, go anywhere, transport anything, fill it with the kids, the dog, anything that takes space.

This powerful little 4 cylinder towed a 24 ft. fibre glass boat 500 miles and back.
Recommended for anyone's only vehicle.
A vehicle you'd feel safe for your children to drive.

It's a Real Jeep! The one that won the War.

Writing Credits:    Ray Waechter

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